KS3 & KS4 Geography Fieldwork

Fieldwork is an integral part of the KS3 & KS4 curriculum. In early October all Year 9 boys participated in a day’s fieldwork at the Norber Erratics, Austwick (photograph top right). This is a joint Geography & Science day to investigate the characteristics of limestone landforms. In addition, the boys completed field sketches, and practiced their map and compass skills.

Students were able to conduct a chemistry experiment to test the acidity of the limestone and other rock types (photograph second from top, right).

As part of their course boys have to complete a piece of coursework based on the collection of primary data.

In the photograph to the right, the boys are measuring the velocity of the river at Clapham Beck, in order to investigate different hypotheses e.g. ‘ Velocity increases with distance downstream’. A similar survey was taken in Clapham village, approximately 1km downstream from the above site.

geography field trip
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