Shakespeare Schools Festival

On Thursday, 3rd November the cast spent an enjoyable morning at The Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds acting alongside the Shakespeare cast from Woodhouse Grove School.

Our boys had the opportunity to watch their dress rehearsal before they took over the stage for their own technical rehearsal in order to perfect the light and sound effects. They then proceeded with their smooth-running dress rehearsal, impressing the directors from the theatre. After a return to school, the cast were glad of the opportunity to polish their performance and develop one of the more tricky scenes using the very insightful feedback we had from the professionals, all before we congregated again at the theatre.

The evening included performances from 3 other schools with South Craven and Guiseley Schools joining us. It was great to see so much talent from the young people in our area and having the opportunity to watch four very different plays in one evening. The boys were congratulated on their excellent characterisation and use of voice. The directors Andrew Loy and Zitian Harper did a great job in leading the cast in the production, aided by out assistant directors, Matthew Paul, Arjun Patel and Luke Gonnella, who unfortunately could not attend the evening.