Pastoral Care

The School places considerable emphasis on the care of its pupils.

There is a well-established and effective pastoral care structure with most staff having the opportunity to be form tutors.

The general academic progress and all matters of pastoral care are, in the first instance, the concern of the Form Tutor who consults with or refers boys to the Head/Deputy Head/Assistant Head of Lower School, Head/Assistant Head of Middle School, the Head/Deputy Head/Assistant Head of Sixth Form or the Assistant Headteacher as occasion demands. Contact details for the Pastoral Team can be found below.

Mr A Jackson Deputy Headteacher
Mrs L Diccox Head of Lower School
Mrs S Evans Head of Year 9
Mr B Weaving Head of Year 10
Mr A Jackson Head of Year 11
Mr T Hodgson Head of Year 12
Mr G Barrett Head of Year 13
Miss P Hofman Assistant Head of Lower School
Mrs N Rose Assistant Head of Middle School
Mrs J Lindsley Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Miss P Hofman SENDCo

If you wish to contact a Head or Assistant Head of Faculty, contact details can be found here.

In Years 7 and 8, forms are arranged randomly having no reference to academic ability and this general principle remains throughout the School.

Sixth Formers are under the pastoral guidance of a tutor, who will oversee their progression through the normal two years of Sixth Form study.

Report a Bullying Concern

Please use the form below to report any bullying concerns. You may do this anonymously if you wish. Please provide contact details if you require feedback.