Sixth Form

Welcome to our Sixth Form.

Ermysted’s Sixth Form is a happy, hard-working community of 16-18 year-olds united by a desire to succeed. We’re small enough to be friendly and caring, yet large enough to offer an interesting range of subjects. Reading about it on a website can only communicate so much; a visit is far more useful. Prospective students can either attend our annual Taster Day in January, or arrange a tour mid-week. Typically, we ask an existing pupil to show you around after which I will be happy meet you and answer any questions. Be assured of this, however: Ermysted’s Sixth Form is a rewarding experience, but it demands hard work, resilience and commitment. Success has to be earned; it’s never inherited or awarded at random. If you come here, much will be expected of you.

Mr G Barrett, Head of Year 12 and Mr T Hodgson, Head of Year 13

A Message From the Head Boy

Welcome to the Ermysted’s Sixth Form page.

Since its foundation, Ermysted’s has provided a conscientious and diverse environment in which all students can thrive, and this ethos is at the heart of our Sixth Form.

Needless to say, the subjects on offer ensure no one is left behind. With such a diverse selection, students easily find their passions and are encouraged to follow them. This enrichment is not restricted to the classroom, however, and our extensive extra-curricular programme is one in which the school takes great pride. With so many opportunities for healthy debate and public speaking, students are well-equipped for life beyond Ermysted’s.

Students are able to participate in the many sports we have on offer, and our competitive successes range from rugby and football to golf and badminton; a key part of Sixth Form life with every Wednesday afternoon devoted to games. If sports are not necessarily your thing, our yearly production and termly concerts, done in conjunction with Skipton Girls’ High School, provide an opportunity to showcase your theatrical and musical talents.

Ermysted’s abounds with opportunities to share your passions, and an integral part of this extra-curricular programme is our school’s award-winning newspaper The Reason. Editorial roles are allotted each year, and for those seeking a more administrative responsibility, the newspaper is also dependent upon the managerial team. The Reason is a source of great pride for the school and is owed to the Sixth Form community to which we all belong.

Having been at Ermysted’s student since Year 7, I can say with certainty that Sixth Form is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, and enriching experiences. Friendships are made stronger, and achievements are more meaningful. It is no doubt a step up from GCSE, but at Ermysted’s I have found a supportive atmosphere, where both teachers and students are united by a shared desire to succeed. Ermysted’s Sixth Form is an environment of which I’m proud to be a part, and I hope you will find it as rewarding and enjoyable as I have.

Benedict Curtis

Head Boy 2022-23

A Level Subjects

Entrance Requirements

For entry into Year 12, a pupil is required to achieve a minimum of Grade 5 in at least five GCSE subjects and at least Grade 5 in GCSE Mathematics and English Language. In addition, a pupil must reach the published requirements for entry onto his proposed course of study, which are set out in the information booklet below.


For more information on admission into Sixth Form and how to apply, click here.


Some boys are chosen to be prefects each year. This is a particular honour and a recognition of their smartness, manners and leadership qualities. We particularly welcome prefect applications from boys new to the school.